EXO’s Baekhyun Had To Defend Himself After Fans Clowned His Shoes

He was just as entertained as EXO-Ls.

When it comes to the fashion that idols wear, sometimes fans just can’t seem to understand what concept they were going for. Other times, they can’t figure out why they’d chosen a particular item in the first place.

The latter happened with EXO‘s Baekhyun when he had to defend one of his unique fashion choices that had EXO-Ls having a field day with jokes.

Back in 2017, fans spotted Baekhyun going about his business as usual at the airport. Naturally, they snapped photos of him. He looked perfectly normal with his blue pinstripe shirt and blue jeans. It was his footwear that had fans doing a double-take.

He was wearing a pair of black slippers with light brown fur sticking out of them. A fansite found the look so unusual they had to snap a photo of just Baekhyun’s bottom half. Once the photos hit the internet, fans began their playful roast.

EXO-Ls voiced their opinions about how they weren’t fond of the slippers. There were so many jokes that it reached the point where Baekhyun had to speak up about it himself on Instagram.

Baekhyun was thoroughly amused by fans, beginning by saying, “No,” immediately followed by a character for laughing. He then asked what was wrong with his shoes, explaining that it was possible for only his feet to be cold. Keeping his playful tone until the end, he finished it with, “Eris are too much!”

It turns out the shoes are the ever-popular Gucci slippers that other idols have been photographed wearing as well. Even in 2020, they’re still a look that fans wish he and other idols would do away with.

Since Baekhyun gets what Baekhyun wants, he’ll still have his fun while keeping his feet warm.