EXO’s Baekhyun Has Been Dominating Preorder Sales With His “City Lights” Album

It’s been taking the no. 1 spot since it opened up for preorder:

EXO‘s Baekhyun is gearing up to release his first ever solo album and with preorders now in full swing, Baekhyun and his album have been dominating sales!


On June 20, preorders for Baekhyun’s “City Lights” album opened up and immediately the album jumped to number one on preorder sites like Synnara and they haven’t come down since.


In fact, Baekhyun has even broken a record with his album preorders on Ktown4u. Within 4 days of being open for preorder on the site, it surpassed 150,000 copies which set a record for a soloist on the site!


But Baekhyun hasn’t come down since! He has officially surpassed 158,000 preorders on Ktown4u alone and as the date for the album to drop gets closer and closer, he has continued to dominate the preorder sites.


Meanwhile, “City Lights” is set to release on July 10!


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