EXO-Ls Are Begging For Baekhyun’s Solo Album And It’s All Because Of Heechul

A Baekhyun album would be amazing!

With a single sentence, Super Junior‘s Heechul has made EXO-Ls crave a Baekhyun solo album and now everyone is begging for it to become a reality and soon!


Although EXO-Ls have talked about how amazing a solo album from any of the EXO members would be, they’ve suddenly taken a particular interest in an album by Baekhyun. Why are fans suddenly begging for this solo album? It’s all thanks to something that happened during a recent episode of Hackinssa Crew!


During the episode, Heechul received a message from none other than Baekhyun.

“It’s from Baekhyun!”

— Heechul


While there wasn’t anything super exciting about that, it was what Heechul said next that drew a lot of attention from EXO-Ls.

“Because of his music video, Baekhyun…”

— Heechul


Although Heechul was cut off before he could finish, fans soon excitedly began wondering if the music video in question had to do with EXO, CBX, or even a solo!


Unfortunately for EXO-Ls, it soon became clear that Heechul wasn’t actually talking about EXO, CBX, or Baekhyun at all.


Despite this, fans started wondering what a Baekhyun solo album would be like and started asking for it to become a reality.


We can’t deny that a Baekhyun solo would be amazing! Now we just got to wait and see if SM Entertainment makes it happen!