Baekhyun’s Female Alter Ego “Baekhee” Made A Return And Received Some Serious Love From EXO

Baekhee has returned!

EXO Baekhyun‘s female alter ego “Baekhee” just made “her” return and absolutely everyone was excited to see her!


Everyone was first introduced to Baekhee during EXO-CBX‘s special clip for “The One” during their EXO’rDIUM concert tour in 2016 and fans felt absolutely attacked after seeing how beautiful Baekhyun looked as a girl.


Later that year, in keeping with a promise to EXO-Ls, Baekhyun once again showed the world Baekhee. Sadly fans didn’t get to spend much time with Baekhee since Baekhyun deleted the picture shortly after uploading it.


Since then, Baekhee has all but disappeared leaving many fans wondering when and if they’d ever get to meet the pretty Baekhee again. And luckily with a little bit of patience, EXO-Ls had their wish come true! During EXO’s recent EXplOration concert in Bangkok, Baekhyun came across a long-haired wig on stage and decided to transform himself into her!



And EXO were only too happy to make sure Baekhee was welcomed with open arms! From Chanyeol properly setting the wig on Baekhyun’s head to make his transformation complete…


To Chen helping to make sure Baekhee was the prettiest idol on stage, EXO showed Baekhee a whole lot of love!


Sehun even made sure that Baekhee had all the right accessories for her rare visit.


EXO-Ls were also extremely excited to see Baekhee after all this time and pretty soon Baekhee was taking over everyone’s timelines!


See more of Baekhee’s rare appearance below: