Baekhyun Is The First Idol Ever To Have His Birthday Ad Featured On Goyang Starfield’s LED Screen

The famous mall is known to turn away birthday ads.

With EXO Baekhyun‘s birthday fast approaching, many fans are already implementing their special celebration plans including a giant advertisement on Goyang Starfield’s panoramic LED screen.


EXP-Ls recently found out that one of Baekhyun’s fan unions, Baidu Bar, had made it possible for Baekhyun’s birthday videos to play on the giant LED screen situated at the center of one of Korea’s largest shopping malls.

The giant LED panoramic screen at Goyang Starfield mall.


At first glance, the giant screen displaying birthday wishes to Baekhyun is already impressive but it’s an even bigger feat than one might imagine. The mall is known for not allowing birthday ad videos but they accepted Baekhyun! Which means Baekhyun is the first idol to appear there!


EXO-Ls can already see Baekhyun on the big screen and the birthday advertisements are expected to run until mid-May.