EXO’s Baekhyun Had So Much Fun With His Doggo Mongryong He Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye

And neither did Mongryong!

EXO-Ls were first introduced to Baekhyun‘s cute dog Mongryong back in 2015 and since then fans have always been on the lookout for more content with the cute pup and his human!


While fans have been blessed with a number of photos over the years shared on Baekhyun’s Instagram page, they recently got to see Baekhyun spend some quality time with Mongryong and it made everyone feel incredibly soft.


Baekhyun recently uploaded a new vlog to his Youtube channel where he made a trip to spend time with his family including Mongryong!


As soon as he arrived, Baekhyun spent some quality time snuggling with his favorite doggo…


And playing around with Mongryong too!


The two shared some adorable bonding time together while greeting fans…


And simply enjoyed each other’s company!


And when it was time for Baekhyun to say goodbye, he had a very hard time leaving the cute pup! Baekhyun wasn’t the only one who didn’t want the time together to end, those big sad puppy eyes from Mongryong definitely showed how much he wanted Baekhyun to stay too!


Hopefully, it won’t be too long until they get to spend some more sweet time together! Check out the hard to say goodbyes and even more adorable moments between Baekhyun and Mongryong below.