Gangnam Police Station Has Embraced EXO’s Baekhyun As Their Unofficial Mascot And It’s Too Cute

They have fully embraced Baekhyun as their unofficial mascot!

Netizens have just discovered that EXO‘s Baekhyun is still acting as the unofficial mascot of Gangnam Police Station and it’s bringing all the uwu.


Back in 2015, SM Entertainment introduced a series of adorable paper dolls during EXO’s “Love Me Right” era. Each of the dolls could be folded to create mini 3D versions of the members and fans absolutely adored the toys!


Baekhyun’s version of the toy featured a mini policeman Baekhyun complete with a small police car and traffic cone which might be why fans weren’t the only ones to fall for the adorable figures!


Shortly after the toys were released, Gangnam Police Station got their very own version of policeman Baekhyun which they put on display at the station!


While fans thought it was hilarious and adorable at the time, many EXO-Ls didn’t realize that Baekhyun is still there! Recently, the figure has come back into the spotlight after the station gave their figure a haircut and gave him a dapper new uniform to reflect their new uniforms!


Seeing them fully embrace him, EXO-Ls are declaring Baekhyun the unofficial mascot of the station and melting hard over the cute display.


Officer Baekhyun can be visited on the first-floor lobby of the station!