Netizens Are Mesmerized By EXO Baekhyun’s Ear Piercings At Gayo Daejeon

“He looks good with them. It’s so obvious he was born to be an idol.”

EXO-Ls have seen the members of EXO try out a whole bunch of different styles throughout the years but one of their favorites is the piercing concept during their “Monster” era.

Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Baekhyun’s Lip Piercing In “Monster” Comeback MV


In particular, fans have been mesmerized by Baekhyun‘s lip piercing and have said that it gave him an even sexier vibe.


Although Baekhyun has no piercings at all, fans have been itching for this iconic look to make a comeback and, luckily for EXO-Ls, it did!


At SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon 2018: The Wave, fans noticed something special about Baekhyun’s styling.


During the group’s “Tempo” stage, Baekhyun was spotted with multiple ear piercings.


And the look has thoroughly captured everyone’s attention.


Fans and non-fans alike can’t believe just how sexy the idol looks with the multiple ear piercings.


Although there were a few people have been saying all those piercings look painful…

  • “I usually wear three and that already hurts. I can’t imagine this.”

  • “His ears must hurt.”


Netizens’ hearts have utterly been captured by the look.

  • “He looked so good with them!”

  • “I’m not an EXO fan but I agree that this guy matches with everything he does. He always perfectly matches every concept.”

  • “Baekhyun usually looks so pure to me but he gives me a feeling of a real man on stage.”

  • “Even his gaze became different!”


And although they weren’t real piercings, no one can get over how good he looks with that style because it was really was so, so good!

  • “Hul. I didn’t even notice that but he pulled them off so naturally!”

  • “He is so handsome and so good at performing. I’m in love!”

  • “He looks good with them. It’s so obvious he was born to be an idol.”
Source: The Qoo