Baekhyun Just Hinted That He’ll Be Opening His Own YouTube Channel Very Soon

It’s actually happening!

EXO-Ls, it looks like what we’ve all been waiting for is really happening! Baekhyun will be opening his very own YouTube channel and soon!


Baekhyun recently appeared on a live broadcast of SM Super Celeb League Season 3, where he played a few games of Battlegrounds. Of course, Baekhyun didn’t just play Battlegrounds he also had some fun interactions with fans and revealed some important information like the fact that he’s going to be having a birthday party this year…


And that he’ll be opening up a YouTube channel! Fans have been desperately wishing for Baekhyun to open his very own YouTube channel for a while now and not only did Baekhyun confirm that he’ll be opening one up, he also revealed it will be soon!

My YouTube channel will be up really soon!

— Baekhyun


The only thing that he has to decide on is the name then he’s all set!

I haven’t chosen a name yet. I don’t want to use ‘Byun Baekhyun’ or ‘Baekhyun,’ but I would like for people to know it’s me.

— Baekhyun


Many EXO-Ls have already expressed their excitement over the upcoming YouTube channel from Baekhyun and can’t wait to see what kind of content he will post.


Whether it’s a channel for Baekhyun to show off his amazing vocals like Chen’s newly opened account, someplace for Baekhyun to show off his mad gaming skills, or something entirely different, we’re all incredibly excited to see Baekhyun’s videos!