A Little Boy Approached Baekhyun At The Airport And Nobody Was Prepared For What Happened Next

Pure wholesome goodness!

Airports aren’t always the best places for K-Pop idols as it’s not too uncommon for them to get mobbed there, but EXO‘s Baekhyun recently had one interaction at the airport that was pure wholesome goodness!


EXO-CBX were recently spotted at Gimpo International airport after they came back from their concert tour in Japan and with their unmistakable visuals, they quickly caught attention.


Baekhyun, in particular, caught the attention of one little boy. The young fan was spotted approaching Baekhyun…


And when he got reached him, fans heard him asking if he was indeed EXO’s Baekhyun.


When Baekhyun responded affirmatively, the boy asked if he could shake Baekhyun’s hand.


Upon hearing his request, Baekhyun was more than happy to do so!


Fans have been absolutely loving this sweet moment shared between the young fan and Baekhyun and it’s just the kind of wholesome content we need in our lives right now!


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