EXO’s Baekhyun Received Help From NCT 127 To Fulfill His Funny First-Place Promise

Taeil couldn’t keep a straight face.

With NCT 127 promoting their title track “Punch” and EXO‘s Baekhyun coming back with “Candy”, the two artists appeared on the latest episode of KBS‘s Music Bank.

When Baekhyun’s track took the number one spot of the day, his juniors were right there to give him a little help with his first-place promise for fans.

After he placed his flowers and trophy on the stage, Baekhyun began to sing and dance for his encore. Emerging from the back of the mass of artists leaving the stage, where they always find themselves, NCT 127 danced and jumped up and down to cheer him on. That’s when Baekhyun made his way to them and asked for a little help.

Part of his first-place promise for “Candy” was to sing the track while wearing smeared lipstick. Since he didn’t have access to a mirror, he put the lipstick on while facing NCT 127. When he finished applying it, he asked them how it looked.

Taeyong and Haechan were quick to agree that it looked fine, pretty even, giving him the signal to smudge it. Taeil couldn’t stop smiling as he watched the whole process. Yuta was just as amused, laughing up a storm.

Taking their word for it, Baekhyun was ready to show off his new look. Turning to show himself to the camera, he couldn’t keep a straight face. Once he saw himself on the monitor with the bright red lipstick, he began to laugh.

In the end, Baekhyun kept his promise. The fact that NCT 127 lent him a hand and hyped him up made it funnier.

Check out Baekhyun completing his first-place promise here. If he had the lipstick already prepared, he was ready.