Netizens Were Not Expecting EXO’s Baekhyun To Have This As His Phone Background

Although some EXO-Ls weren’t so surprised:

Fans are always curious to know what kind of wallpaper their favorite celebs use as every person’s background tells you a little bit more about them. While it isn’t uncommon for fans to stumble upon a photo or video where they can catch a glimpse of the important piece of information, many netizens were not expecting the background found on EXO Baekhyun‘s phone!


During a recent episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that you could see Baekhyun’s phone wallpaper in one of the shots thanks to the way he was sitting in the van.

baek 1

Noticing that the photo looked familiar, fans quickly did a little digging and discovered what photo Baekhyun was actually using as his background. Although the background was not strange or particularly unusual, everyone is still getting a kick out of his choice as it was a photo of himself in his Privé by BBH clothing line!

prive line


The knowledge that Baekhyun is using a picture of himself as his phone wallpaper has left many netizens wheezing!

hilself 1

Although some EXO-Ls have pointed out that he’s actually been using that photo for quite some time…

baek long

It’s still left quite an impression! But then again, why wouldn’t Baekhyun use a photo of himself!

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