15 Times EXO’s Baekhyun Was More Puppy Than Human

His “Puppy Baek” nickname really does suit him.

Although there’s no denying that EXO‘s Baekhyun is incredibly sexy on stage, fans know that most of the time, he’s a cutie. His cute visuals, playful and sweet personality, and penchant for looking just like an adorable puppy in all his selcas, it’s really no wonder that he’s been given the nickname “Puppy Baek.” While it would be impossible to capture all of the moments he lived up to this sweet nickname, here are just a few moments where Baekhyun was 100% pure puppy!


1. When he gave Suho his punishment with a puppy’s paw


2. The time he got this excited eating food


3. Or when he was really happy when Sehun gave him some attention


4. That time he was lost but just happy to be out with his hyung


5. And pretty much any time he actually comes face to face with a puppy

His puppy tendencies just come right out!


6. Or just anytime he’s doing a bit of aegyo


7. That wide-eyed look when he’s startled

I don’t know about you but it reminds me of when a cute puppers reaction to hearing something like thunder.


8. Anytime he does something like this


9. That time even Chanyeol thought he was like a giant puppy


10. Or the time when he had a ton of fun with bubbles


11. When he literally “begged” for food

The cute eyes and outstretched paws…err…hands. Nobody can resist!


12. That time he accidentally hurt himself

Didn’t you just want to go over and make sure he was okay?


13. When he was playing with his toys

Was this Baekhyun rehearsing for this scene or was it just puppy Baekhyun being puppy Baekhyun?


14. Or the time when he swam like this


15. Or the one time when Chanyeol called out Baekhyun for his puppy sleeping habits


Bonus: When he took things a step further and dressed up as Slinky