EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals What Pushed Him To Re-Take Vocal Lessons 8 Years Into His Career

He finally revealed why he began to train as a singer all over again!

As one of the main vocalists of EXOBaekhyun has been lauded over and over again throughout the span of his career as an incredibly capable and skillful vocalist, and so, fans were pleasantly surprised when he revealed to them that he began taking vocal lessons last year!

Baekhyun recently guested on MMTG, and talked about his career as an EXO member and solo artist, and also revealed why he made the decision to start attending vocal lessons and training!

JaeJae soon brought up how Baekhyun had revealed to fans last year that he had begun taking vocal lessons, and she commended him about it!

Baekhyun actually had vocal training since last year!


Baekhyun then shared what made him take vocal lessons 8 years into his career as a singer! He began by explaining that due to EXO having many members that comprised the group, their singing parts were all cut up into bits and divided among all of them. Singing only a few parts over the years soon made him feel as if he was losing the ability to sing entire songs by himself, and after this realization, he immediately began to take vocal lessons to build his skills again from the ground up!

[As an EXO member] Our parts were divided and were not too long. So I found myself losing the ability to be responsible for one whole-length song. So I decided to start from the beginning, and that is why I’m still getting lessons and training.


Props to Baekhyun for taking the initiative to keep growing and developing as a singer!

You can watch him talk about this here!


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