EXO’s Baekhyun Was Revealed To Be Cheering For This “Produce X 101” Trainee

Baekhyun’s pick was revealed by his friend and top choreographer Kasper:

Everyone has been tuning into Produce X 101 and cheering on the group of trainees from the very first episode. And as everyone just found out after the latest episode, even EXO‘s Baekhyun has been following the show and trainees!


Top choreographer Kasper, who is well-known for his choreography work with many SM Entertainment artists including EXO, recently made an appearance on the show where he not only lent his dance talents to the show by making a dance for one of the concept evaluation stages but he also spilled the details about the trainee Baekhyun’s been rooting for.


While waiting for the “Pretty Girl” group to take the stage, Kasper revealed a piece of information that left the rest of the Produce X 101 team shocked. He pointed out one of the trainees, Starship Entertainment‘s Song Hyungjun, before stating he was Baekhyun’s number one pick!

This friend is Baekhyun’s number one pick.

— Kasper


He also revealed one more thing on the topic!

He said that he’s really cute!

— Kasper


Baekhyun certainly is right, Song Hyungjun is cute! Meanwhile, after the second round of eliminations, Hyungjun ranked at no. 4 with 1,418,328 votes!