EXO’s Baekhyun Revealed He Knows About “Baekduce” And EXO-Ls Are Shook

This is not a drill! He knows all about it!

EXO‘s Baekhyun revealed that not only does he keep track of what EXO-Ls are doing online, but that he also knows all about “Baekduce” and fans are shook.


@bbhdeuce100 or “Baekduce” as fans have nicknamed it is a Twitter voting account set up like Produce 101. There are 101 candidate videos of Baekhyun’s performances on the page that fans can vote on.


The account has become a much-loved “secret” among EXO-Ls and it turns out they’re not the only ones who like it! Fans recently found out that Baekhyun had discovered the account and even had some input on the voting!

“Right now, am I the only one wondering about the top 10…” — Baekhyun

“We’ll work hard on editing it! We’re curious about Baekhyun’s no. 1 pick.” — bbhduce100

“I will pick my top one too! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t believe I’m choosing myself… hmm…” — Baekhyun


But that’s not all because fans also discovered that Baekhyun had made a pick for the final lineup…

I want this as my one pick!

— Baekhyun


And “Baekduce” even made things official with an announcement on it!

Everyone… One of our debut members has been confirmed. Candidate 101 is Baekhyun, the grapevine…

— bbhduce100


The big announcement, as well as Baekhyun’s own involvement in “Baekduce”, has left fans absolutely shook!


And since he’s already discovered this slice of the internet, fans are wondering where he’ll turn up next! One thing is for certain though, no matter where it is, fans are 100% ready for more Baekhyun!