EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals The Secrets To Taking The Perfect Photo

From selcas to professional photos, Baekhyun’s top tips will help you up your photo game:

When it comes to snapping the perfect pic, who better to turn to than someone who is not only known for having some of the best professional photographs but also takes some amazing selcas too!


EXO‘s Baekhyun recently sat down with OSEN to discuss his new mini-album, City Lights, and while there he revealed some of his secrets to looking perfect in every shot starting with how to take the perfect selca! Baekhyun’s first tip was to try out different camera applications because an app can do different things than just the camera.

My secret to taking a good selca? I think you should use a camera application rather than the basic one. It can do things like add correction to the skin. I like that.

— Baekhyun


Next, Baekhyun dove into the world of finding your best angle.

For selfies, I put the camera under my chin so that it’s like the camera is looking up at me. And rather than putting it lower, I simply lower my eyes down to the camera! Otherwise, I like to look from the front.

— Baekhyun


But Baekhyun didn’t just talk about taking the best pictures of yourself, he also provided some insight into how you can look good in every photo starting with…what not to wear!

This outfit was a point of regret. It was too hot although it was in winter!

— Baekhyun


And when it came time for him to give tips on taking good news or professional photos, Baekhyun revealed that keeping your expression is key, even if you want to burst out laughing!

I just hold my breath for a second. I have to hold it. If I laugh, the photos turn out funny. I can’t even talk to my members! After they’re done though, then I start to feel relaxed and can laugh again!

— Baekhyun


With Baekhyun’s top tips, every photo is sure to be the perfect photo! See what other photo secrets Baekhyun dished out in the video below: