EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals Which Fans Catch His Eye Most At Fan Signings

If you want to be remembered by him, here’s what you need to do.

Although music is what brings fans together, many wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to live the Y/N life and be seen by their favorite idol.

Thanks to a fan’s question about what EXO‘s Baekhyun notices most about fans when on stage or at promotional events, those EXO-Ls are one step closer to reaching that goal.

Out of all the different forms of events, Baekhyun noted that he was able to pay closer attention to fans during fan signings. In particular, what they’re wearing makes them stand apart from one another.

How neat, stylish, or edgy their clothing was didn’t catch his eye. It was the unexpected costumes they wore. “When I have fan signs, there are fans who come wearing very unique clothes. Some will wear hanboks…”

The most memorable were the fans who replicated Baekhyun’s own stage outfits, “…or outfits I have worn on stage. They will wear something similar, with makeup similar to the way I’ve done it. There have been instances like this.”

There was one look that Baekhyun remembered most from the group’s last round of promotions. Fans had nailed his iconic face chain look.

Not only did he notice the effort, but he claimed those were the fans he remembered well—long after seeing them. “While promoting ‘Obsession’, I had the face chain. There were people who came like that. I remember those fans well.”

Because he let the cat out of the bag about what catches his eye most, Baekhyun joked that all his fans will now be wearing similar costumes from now on, “When this interview goes out, during fan signs, I think fans will all come dressed up in costume.”

Even if they did, Baekhyun wouldn’t mind it. It’s something he really enjoys, “It’s like a festival when you go to a fan sign. It’s not a place to be shy. As they feel it’s a place where they can have fun, I think that’s why they dress up like this to come. But, I really like this kind of atmosphere.”

If you want to let loose and cement yourself in Baekhyun’s memory, it’s all about the costumes. Who needs Halloween when there’s a Baekhyun fan signing?