EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals What Part In “Growl” He Still Doesn’t Understand To This Day

He finds it quite misleading.

In a previous episode of BOATTA on KBS Kpop’s YouTube channel, EXO’s Baekhyun made a guest appearance on the show and reacted to a variety of different EXO performances.

While watching the performance for “Growl”, he remembered that there was one part in the song that he still didn’t understand.

The lyrics read, “네가 날 향해 걸어온다” (You are walking toward me) but…

…Baekhyun is the one that is walking towards us!

Here’s a clip to prove that he is the one that is actually walking towards the camera!

He finds this to be quite confusing as the actions are different from the lyrics. “I find this part to be a bit misleading.”

For more TMI about EXO’s performances by Baekhyun, watch the full video below!