Baekhyun Sold His Phone Number To Girls In High School, True Story

This really isn’t fiction!

As crazy as it might sound, during his high school years, EXO‘s Baekhyun actually sold his phone number to girls!


The story of how Baekhyun came to sell his phone number was first came to light back in 2012 when an old classmate of the idol posted it and came with some picture receipts. Now the story has resurfaced much to the delight of fans!


Although it seems like it would be completely untrue, it really is true! One year, Baekhyun’s high school held a market to raise funds for the school. With each classroom pitching in, Baekhyun’s was tasked with selling clothes. Sadly, their stall hadn’t done very well in the beginning.


Baekhyun and his friends then decided to try something a little different. According to his classmate, they first climbed on tables and shouted trying to get people to buy something. That ultimately didn’t work so they tried a couple more tactics that ultimately failed as well.


But then, Baekhyun decided that the best way to sell their clothes was to offer up himself…or at least his phone number! He promised to give out his phone number to anyone who bought the clothes!

He was said to have shouted, “If these clothes sold out today, I will reveal my phone number.”


The clothes reportedly sold out in about a minute’s worth of time and as promised, Baekhyun gave out his phone number with only the condition that no one call him after 10 PM.


Those accounts have been verified by other classmates! And today, he’s still as popular as ever! The power that Byun Baekhyun has!