EXO-Ls Created A Viral Challenge To Celebrate Baekhyun’s Solo Album And It’s The Best Thing Ever

The “Betcha” challenge is taking over the internet and we’re all for it!

EXO‘s Baekhyun has been teasing fans with all sorts of content for his first ever solo album and a few days ago he upped the excitement even more with a video sound teaser that gave EXO-Ls a glimpse into the new album.


While fans were falling head over heels for all the songs thanks to the sound clips, they decided it would be the perfect opportunity to not only count down to the release of the album but to also celebrate it too!


With one song particularly grabbing everyone’s attention, EXO-Ls soon started their own viral challenge. Fans took the clip of Baekhyun’s “BETCHA” and edited into videos of people dancing…


And let’s just say it works really, really well!


Now the #BetchaChallenge has been sweeping the internet with EXO-Ls creating videos with everyone from EXO themselves…


To other idols…


And even Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans!


As the #BetchaChallenge continues to take over the internet, it’s blessing all our ears with Baekhyun’s sweet, sweet vocals. Meanwhile, his “City Lights” album is dropping on July 10 at 6 P.M. KST.