EXO’s Baekhyun Took His Mic Apart On Stage And Had Fun Transforming It Into A Monocular

Baekhyun just wanted to have some fun with EXO-L:

EXO recently left everyone breathless with their flawless performances, fun ments, and adorable interactions at their most recent Osaka EXplOration concert. While there were a ton of amazing and sweet moments from the concert, there’s one moment, in particular, that’s catching everyone’s attention.


On occasion, Baekhyun has been caught by fans playing with his microphone and during their concert, Baekhyun was caught in the act again! As Chanyeol was talking with fans, some eagle-eyed EXO-Ls noticed that Baekhyun was a little occupied taking apart his mic!


Once he’d gotten a piece of his microphone, he held it up, transformed it into a makeshift monocular, and watched EXO-L through it!


With his new spyglass in his hands, Baekhyun had a blast playing with the piece of his mic…


And EXO-Ls had a blast watching him!


Only Baekhyun would transform his mic into a monocular just so he could have some fun with EXO-L!