Baekhyun’s “Psycho” Stage Was So Good Even A Top Choreographer Gushed Over It

SM Entertainment staff couldn’t get over the performance either:

Not too long ago, everyone was talking about EXO Baekhyun‘s “Psycho” solo stage during the group’s ElyXiOn concerts. First when the tour happened and again when the “ElyXiOn Live “album dropped. His stunning performance blew everyone away including the SM Entertainment staff who were with the boys on their tour.


In the staff interviews included in the album release a number of SM Entertainment employees expressed just how impressed they were by Baekhyun. First there was Shim Jae Won, the director and choreographer of the tour, who had originally planned the solo stage with Baekhyun to help him get over his negative thoughts about performing by himself. The two created the epic stage together and it certainly lived up to his and everyone else’s expectations.

“Baekhyun’s ‘Psycho’ stage was originally suggested by myself and he happily agreed. It became a stage that was made from both of our thoughts! I wanted him to show a more decadent side and he wanted to show everyone something that was full of his presence. Baekhyun was always a member who felt that a solo stage was awkward and burdensome, however at ElyXiOn, I really saw confidence in his ‘Psycho’ performance.”

— Shim Jae Won


The tour director wasn’t the only one that talked about that particular solo. The group’s management staff couldn’t stop gushing about the unique charms he brought to the performance.

“For Baekhyun, being an artist is really the occupation he was always meant to have. When he was preparing for his solo stage, his abilities improved by a whole other level and his unique charms were shown fully.”

— SM Entertainment Management Staff


And Baekhyun got some praise from the dancers as well.

“Even when all of the EXO members are doing the same choreography during the group dances, Baekhyun has the ability to add in his own unique charm. That’s why, even if it’s the same move, the choreography that Baekhyun does feels a little bit different.”

— ElyXiOn Tour Dancers


Baekhyun has proven time and time again that he’s got a lot of talent to showcase and nothing will stop him from doing it! Check out this fancam of his performance and you’ll be agreeing with everything the SM Entertainment staff had to say.