EXO’s Baekhyun Made Everyone Laugh When He Tried To Copy A Japanese Actor’s “Cool” Face

Baekhyun’s copy of Mackenyu Arata’s “cool” face had everyone cracking up:

Japanese actor and Chanyeol‘s good friend, Mackenyu Arata recently attended EXO‘s EXplOration concert in Yokohama and when he was introduced, Baekhyun soon had everyone laughing when he attempted to copy Mackenyu’s “cool” face.


During the second day of their Yokohama stop, everyone found out that Mackenyu was in the crowd when Chanyeol introduced him to EXO-L!


After seeing Mackenyu greet fans and hearing EXO-Ls’ reaction to him, Baekhyun teased that he was jealous of Mackenyu’s good looks.

Your face, I’m jealous!

— Baekhyun


After teasing Mackenyu, Baekhyun decided to be his extra self and tried his hardest to replicate what he called Mackenyu’s “cool” look.


With EXO-Ls already laughing hard thanks to Baekhyun’s “cool” look attempts, he made everyone crack up even harder when he tried out the look in different angles!


Baekhyun’s “cool” face not only had EXO-L cracking up and feeling some serious uwu…


It also had them feeling absolutely sure that Mackenyu is now friends with Baekhyun and the rest of EXO too!