EXO’s Baekhyun Turned Into A Nervous Fanboy When He Met His Favorite Gamer

Baekhyun turned into an adorable shy fanboy!

EXO‘s Baekhyun is always confident, cool, and energetic as ever but when he met his favorite gamer he showed off a side of himself that fans rarely get to see.


Back in April Baekhyun and Kai attended the SKT5G Launching Showcase and, thanks to Baekhyun’s latest vlog, fans recently got to see a behind the scenes look at the event…


Including the moment Baekhyun met his favorite pro-gamer, top League of Legends player Faker! But the moment wasn’t exactly how fans imagined it would be because Baekhyun turned into a shy fanboy!


After their adorable introductions and Baekhyun’s shy fan confession, the two started talking about gaming…


Before Baekhyun got a little shy again and revealed through his video that he had wanted to ask Faker for his phone number so the two of them could play games together but was too nervous instead!


Eventually, Baekhyun gathered up the courage to tell Faker that he was his favorite gamer before the two of them played together at the event.


The whole moment has hearts melting with many fans wondering if Baekhyun ever did get Faker’s number or not. The topic even trended on Weibo!


To see more of Baekhyun’s adorably shy fanboy self, make sure you check out his behind the scenes vlog below: