EXO Baekhyun’s “UN Village” Dancer Has Been Identified And You’ll Want To Stan Her ASAP

If you’re not stanning her already, you will be soon!

A few days ago, EXO‘s Baekhyun left everyone gasping for breath when he performed his hit “UN Village” on KBS‘s Music Bank for the first time. While Baekhyun definitely had all eyes on him, there was one more person on stage that caught fans’ attention — the female dancer who did the “rolling, rolling, rolling hills” part with Baekhyun.


At first, everyone was simply blown away by her visuals and skills while dancing with Baekhyun. But after realizing she was also the one who danced with Lay in “Let’s Shut Up & Dance”, fans needed to know more about her!


With a little digging, fans were able to find out even more about her and what they found made them want to stan her even more! Her name is Ha Eun Kim and she’s a dancer and choreographer with Prepix Studio.


Her dancing skills are seriously no joke…


And neither are her visuals!


Ha Eun Kim has earned many fans of her own and that number is definitely increasing by the day as more and more EXO-Ls fall for her charms!


With her amazing skills and stunning performances, Ha Eun Kim will definitely make you stan — that is if you aren’t stanning her already!