EXO Baekhyun’s “UN Village” Fanchant Got A Special Change And Fans Can’t Handle The Cuteness

A sexy song with an adorable fanchant:

With his new mini-album City Lights officially taking over the charts and our hearts, EXO‘s Baekhyun has continued to blow everyone away with his music show performance of his title song, “UN Village”!


The overall sexy vibe of his stage mixed with Baekhyun’s heart-fluttering visuals and heavenly vocals make for performances that definitely take fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride.


But to combat that sexy feel, Baekhyun’s fanchant incorporated a whole lot of cuteness and it’s almost too much to handle!


During Baekhyun’s debut showcase on Music Bank, the original fanchant for “UN Village” was more of the typical fan chant with fans cheering along with Baekhyun’s name.


But when it came time for his second performance on Music Core, fans immediately noticed there was a difference in the cheer. Instead of simply cheering with “Byun Baekhyun,” the fan chant was officially changed to include a very cute “Baekhyunnie” cheer!


While fans were already experiencing cuteness overload from the change, things got even cuter when everyone found out the change was made because of Baekhyun’s wishes to get closer to fans!


With the adorable change adding a layer of cuteness to Baekhyun’s sexy “UN Village” stages, Baekhyun is really out here ready to capture everyone’s heart! Check out the original fanchant and the new version below: