Baekhyun AKA “Vincent Byun Gogh” Stumped Fans With Even More Abstract Drawings

Byun Gogh has returned!

Last month, EXO‘s Baekhyun continued to charm fans with even more abstract drawings during an episode of SM Super Idol League Season 3, and now he’s come back with even more drawings to prove he truly is “Vincent Byun Gogh!”


After seeing his charming abstract animal drawings during the first round and his equally charming ones the second, our favorite Byun Gogh showed off his drawing skills once again in between games of Battlegrounds.

During this latest art display, Baekhyun once again quizzed fans to see if they could guess what he was drawing. With some people reacting with a whole lot of question marks like the first round and others guessing most of the drawings like in the second, the third round definitely proved to be extremely fun for fans!


See if you can guess what his drawings are:











Now check the answers:

1. Avengers


2. Squirrel


3. Zombie


4. Beijing (Peking) duck


5. EXO-L with Eribong


How many did you guess correctly?