EXO’s Baekhyun Is Warming Hearts With His Impromptu Visit To Cheer Up Wini The Horse

He heard Wini was feeling down, so he made a special visit to cheer him up:

Not only does EXO‘s Baekhyun have vocals that touch your heart, dance skills that can set your heart ablaze, and innumerable talents on stage, but he’s also the sweetest and kindest person around and he once again proved this fact with a special visit to a sick horse.


A few days ago, Voicetuning, a company specializing in voice training and voice therapy, uploaded some very sweet pictures of Baekhyun with the Voicetuning director’s horse, Wini.


As Baekhyun gently hugged and stroked Wini, he kept a big smile on his face showing some major love for the handsome horse.


While the pictures of Baekhyun’s visit to Wini were already incredibly sweet…


The reason for his visit was even sweeter! Wini hadn’t been feeling all that well lately, suffering from soreness, and even though Baekhyun has had a very busy schedule lately when he heard about how down Wini was, he just had to come and visit!

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No1. #Wini-with 백현! 슈퍼엠의 빌보드 1위를 축하합니다! 씐나서 나만 보려던 '위니와 백현'의 사진을 풀어요 ㅋㅋ 백현과 슈퍼엠에게 더큰 애정을! Superm! Congratulations Billboard200 No1! 이 사진에대해 궁금해하셔서.. 이 말은 원장님의 애정이 위니입니다~ 오랫동안 아팠고 그걸 알게된 백현이 바쁜와중에도 우리 위니를 안아주러 왔어요 친절하고 따뜻한 백현 덕분에 지금은 위니가 많이 좋아졌고 그래서 이제 위니가 백현을 응원합니다! ^^ About these photos.. This is Voicetuning master's horse Wini (With compliments). Wini is sore. Baekhyun knew that and he came to hug Wini. He is very very kind. And.. now, Wini is better than Thanks Baekhyun!! #보이스튜닝 #백현 #친절한백현씨 #Baekhyun #Baekhyunee #슈퍼엠 #Superm #빌보드1위 #billboard200 #엑소 #exo #withcompliments #horse

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With all that love, attention, and plenty of hugs, Wini was reportedly feeling a whole lot better after Baekhyun’s warm visit. And now Baekhyun has a brand new fan that will be cheering him on!


Baekhyun also spent some time cheering up another horse there, Voti!


And just like with Wini, Baekhyun made sure to give a whole lot of love and attention to Voti too!


EXO-L, meanwhile, have been feeling all that love too and have been experiencing all the heart-warming feelings from the incredibly sweet visit.


It doesn’t matter if it’s his interactions with his members, other idols, fans, or animals, Baekhyun has proven time and again he has a heart of pure gold.