EXO’s Baekhyun Warns Fans That It Will Be The End Of Their Diets If He Does A Mukbang

Baekhyun’s mukbang would be bad for our hearts…and our diets!

With his Youtube channel now open, EXO-Ls have been crossing their fingers in the hopes that someday soon Baekhyun will do his own mukbang. It looks like the possibility is very strong, but it comes with a price!


EXO-Ls have seen Baekhyun eat deliciously on numerous occasions and seeing him eat the food with so much joy has left many fans hoping that he would do his very own eating show sometime. And on the latest episode of SM Super Idol League Season 3, Baekhyun talked about chances of doing one.

Will you do a mukbang on your Youtube?

— Baekhyun, reading fan comments


Although Baekhyun admitted he hadn’t considered doing one before, because EXO-Ls want him to, he’s definitely going to! His promise to do the mukbang, however, also came with a warning to fans.

I don’t have plans for a mukbang but since you guys want it, I’ll try it when I get proper equipment. But, your diet will end if you watch me eat. My members say I eat well!

— Baekhyun


Diet or no diet, there’s no doubt that a Baekhyun mukbang would be amazing!