Fans Are Melting Over How Worried Baekhyun Was About EXO-Ls Going Home Late At Night

Baekhyun’s concern for fans is warming everyone’s heart:

EXO have been burning up the stage during their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour and that’s not all. They’ve also had some amazing interactions with fans including a very sweet moment when Baekhyun once again proved that he has a heart of gold.


During a recent concert, EXO and EXO-Ls once again had a ton of fun together. In fact, they had so much fun that by the end of the concert, it had already passed 11 P.M! And when Baekhyun saw the time, he was absolutely surprised at how late it had run!


After realizing that that time was approaching midnight, he couldn’t help worrying about EXO-Ls going home so late and even told fans that they should find some fellow fans that were heading in the same direction…

Since it’s 11 P.M. already it could be dangerous outside, Eris who are going in the same direction should walk together!

— Baekhyun


And ask them to walk home with them!

Ask them and be like, ‘Excuse me, by any chance did you go to EXO’s concert?’ Then go home together safely!

— Baekhyun


After hearing his words, EXO-Ls everywhere have been melting over Baekhyun’s sweet concern for fans.


And this proves, once again, that not only does Baekhyun truly love and care about his fans but that he’s also got a heart of pure gold!