Fans caught EXO secretly dancing to TWICE [video]

EXO‘s ChanyeolSuho, and Baekhyun were recently spotted dancing along to one of TWICE‘s most popular songs!

Three members of EXO were seen dancing along to TWICE’s mega hit song, “TT”. In the fan clip, they can be seen doing the famous “TT” and other motions in the song’s choreography.

Chanyeol really got into the dance moves and bounced along to the song.

They seemed to know the choreography pretty well! TWICE’s catchy songs and dance are infectious.

Chanyeol and Suho also adorably acted out shooting finger guns together, with Chanyeol pointing them towards Suho, and Suho pretended to be shot. BTS‘s Jin also can be seen doing the same move!

TWICE has also been spotted reacting to EXO songs before as well! The groups are definitely fans of each other’s music.