EXO-CBX Hid A Special Message To EXO-Ls In Their “Magic Circus” Credits

Their message will hit you right in the feels:

Since EXO‘s Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin started their EXO-CBX “Magical Circus” 2019 — Special Edition concert tour a few days ago, it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans.


They’ve left EXO-Ls gasping for breath during their performances…


Made fans tear up with their words…


And made hearts flutter with their sweet interactions.


Although fans knew this particular concert tour was going to be an emotional one, they weren’t prepared to read CBX’s special message in the tour credits.


As the messages scrolled thanking the different staff and team members that helped them make the concert possible, at the very end they said a very special thanks to EXO-Ls.

EXO-CBX’s thanks: to all my family and friends and all of EXO-L. I love you.


That sweet and special message has been hitting everyone right in the feels and is further proof of just how amazing, kind, and sweet they truly are! Meanwhile, CBX finished up at the Saitama Super Arena and are headed to Kobe for their next stop.


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