EXO Chanyeol Accidentally Created A New Nickname For The Perfume He’s A Muse For With His Selling Power

His selling power is really no joke!

Earlier this year, EXO‘s Chanyeol was chosen as the first idol to be the muse for the brand Acqua Di Parma. Since he was chosen, Chanyeol has been featured in a number of gorgeous photoshoots for the company and has slayed at Acqua Di Parma events.


But that’s not all, because after Chanyeol took on the role, the company’s best selling perfume, Mirto Di Panarea, got a brand new nickname with the Italian head office all because of him!


Not too long ago, a vlog featuring Han Heayoun who has the reputation of being the best stylist in Korea met up with an Acqua Di Parma representative. During their time together, Han Haeyoun was introduced to Mirto Di Panarea.


After she had given a sniff to the perfume, the Acqua Di Parma mentioned Chanyeol before revealing that the perfume now has the nickname “Crazy No. 1” at the Italian head office because of it’s crazy-good sales.


Since Chanyeol became the muse, Mirto Di Panarea has soared not only in Korea but also in China, across Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US!


Meanwhile, rumors have recently begun that Chanyeol won’t just be a muse for Acqua Di Parma but will be creating his very own cologne for the brand too! Although it hasn’t been confirmed, if the rumors are true, Mirto Di Panarea may have some competition when it comes to being “Crazy No. 1”!