Chanyeol Caught An EXO-L Spending Too Much Time Filming And Couldn’t Resist Teasing Them

He just wanted them to enjoy the experience!

As a fan, we want to make sure that we have a little something to remember amazing events like going to an EXO concert, whether it’s photos or videos! But sometimes our biases just want us to simply watch and enjoy which is exactly what one fan found out when they were caught by Chanyeol spending a little too much time filming!


As Chanyeol moved around the stage, stopping and interacting with fans during a recent concert he suddenly noticed one particular fan in the crowd.


The EXO-L in question was filming the whole concert experience but when Chanyeol saw the fan, he didn’t want them to simply film the concert, he wanted them to enjoy it too! After catching their attention, he playfully gestured that they should be watching the performance with their eyes, not their camera!


And when he was all done with his teasing, he blessed everyone with a giant dazzling smile before burning up the stage with his killer performance!


Photos and videos are good, but a moment like this…priceless!