Chanyeol’s Fan Union Revealed What They Gave Him For His Birthday And It Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Their list of gifts is guaranteed to make your jaw drop:

Every year, fans love to prepare special gifts for their favorite idols ranging from fan letters to New York Times advertisements and beyond but Chanyeol‘s China fan union, Chanbar, recently revealed the list of everything they gifted Chanyeol for his 26th birthday back in November and it’s guaranteed to make your jaw drop.


Back in November, EXO-Ls caught a glimpse of some of the gifts Chanbar set up for Chanyeol including buses with Chanyeol’s picture on them and an adorable giant inflatable Chanyeol!


But it turns out those weren’t the only items they put together for Chanyeol’s big day! In fact, the list of items that Chanyeol received has been causing jaws to drop left and right!


Among the list of designer clothing items, tech gadgets, and plushies, EXO-Ls noticed that Chanbar had gifted Chanyeol a special set of books about astronomy because he loves studying the stars!


And because Chanyeol is known for his amazing costumes, they also gifted him a suit complete with umbrella and cologne from the “Kingsman” movies!


On top of those already jaw-dropping gifts, they also gifted him a one-of-a-kind Edelweiss Tersero self-playing baby grand piano said to cost over 1 million Chinese Yuan with a 150,000 Yuan shipping cost (about $171,350 USD total)! Jaw-dropping indeed!


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