EXO’s Chanyeol Found The Perfect Way To Compliment His Sister…And Himself

Confidence king and amazing brother!

There’s no denying that EXO‘s Chanyeol has visuals for days. Add in a heaping tablespoon full of confidence, a huge dose of talent, and a good sprinkle of his signature playfulness and Chanyeol has the power to easily leave EXO-Ls feeling seriously attacked.


Likewise, his older sister Park Yoo Ra, who recently took to Instagram with an update on her life since officially retiring as a news anchor and announcer, has been leaving many people breathless with her own unique charms and stunning visuals.


In one set of photos, Yoo Ra’s own visuals were on stunning display in a simple black dress, while enjoying a nice vacation. Soon after the photos went up, Chanyeol left a comment on his sister’s post giving her one of the sweetest compliments ever while also giving himself a bit of a compliment too!



When fans saw his comment, many EXO-Ls were in awe of his amazing confidence…


Sweet reaction to his big sister’s post…


And simply bowled over by his cuteness!


Chanyeol is a confident visual king who knows his sister is a visual queen! The Park siblings are seriously sibling goals!