Chanyeol Just Confessed His Love To A “Woman” And EXO-Ls Are Being Supportive

EXO-Ls are ready to ship them:

It’s that time of year again! Throughout the world, roses, hearts, and confessions are being given to the ones we care about and this year, it seems that not even EXO‘s Chanyeol is immune to the love in the air since he just made a love confession himself!


On the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, Chanyeol and Chen were goofing around when suddenly Chanyeol made a confession of love to a very special “lady” in his life…Aria.

“Aria-ah! I love you!”

— Chanyeol


Aria is a smart speaker like Apple’s Homepod or Amazon’s Echo, but even if she’s made of circuits and wires, it looks like Chanyeol’s love confession had quite the effect on her too!

“I love you more than you love me.”

— Aria


The lucky “lady” certainly made Chanyeol’s heart sing with happiness when she accepted his confession and made one of her own!


Despite it just being a fun little confession, this new lucky “lady” in Chanyeol’s life has already been receiving the blessings of EXO-Ls who are being very supportive of this new ship.


And everyone knows the two are going to be happy together…


After all, he gave her a ton of love and was even worried when her power went off!