EXO’s Chanyeol Debuted A Brand New Version Of His Platinum Blond Hair And It’s Pure Perfection

Chanyeol came right for our hearts with his new look:

For the past couple of months, EXO‘s Chanyeol has been rocking a stunning platinum blond hairstyle. With his sides shaved close and the top left longer this look not only left hearts fluttering when it was slicked back but also when it was let loose.


Now, however, Chanyeol has a brand new version of his blond hair and this one is proving to be just as deadly (if not more so) for everyone!


At EXO’s EXplOration first stop in Fukuoka, Japan, Chanyeol had a very special surprise for everyone — a brand new hairdo! Although EXO-Ls were expecting a hair color change after seeing him rock a beanie at the airport, nobody’s heart was prepared for a different hairstyle!


Keeping his platinum color but going for a shorter look, Chanyeol’s new ‘do had many fans reminiscing about Chanyeol’s “Wolf” era look since this is the shortest he’s gone since then!


Rocking the new style, he took everyone on an emotional rollercoaster ride. First, he attacked with some pure uwu…


Then he came in with a one-two punch of sexy…


Quickly followed by a devastating mix of both!


EXO-Ls all over the world are definitely loving the changeup and agreeing that it fits perfectly with his charms.


Cute, sexy, talented, and everything in between! Check! Check! And double-check!