EXO-Ls Are Sure That Chanyeol Just Dropped A Spoiler For An Upcoming EXO Schedule

Fans are 99.99% sure it’s a spoiler:

Since EXO are known for being spoiler kings, fans are always on the lookout for more hints and clues about EXO’s upcoming activities and their absolutely certain they’ve successfully found yet another spoiler thanks to Chanyeol!


Chanyeol recently uploaded a fun picture of an old-style arcade game to his Instagram page along with a “Wait a minute, I’ll take the coins out” caption.

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기다려봐 내가 동전꺼내줄게

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Although it may not seem like there’s anything significant about the photo at first, EXO-Ls were quick to spot some key things about the picture that had them convinced it’s a spoiler for an upcoming EXO schedule. First, there were the two other people in the photo who fans were able to identify as Suho and Chen.


Next, they noticed that the room Chen, Suho, and Chanyeol weren’t in an ordinary room, but rather that the room was most likely a set.


The two clues along with EXO’s history of dropping spoilers has many fans convinced that the post really is a hint of an upcoming schedule. The only problem is, fans don’t know what! Some fans think the photo is from the set of an MV, meaning their currently filming something…


Others think it might be a special clip for their upcoming EXplOration VCR.


But even if fans aren’t completely sure what this photo could be a spoiler for, they are absolutely certain that this is a spoiler for something! Now we’ll just have to wait and see what for!