EXO’s Chanyeol Is An Expert At Remembering His Members’ Embarrassing Moments 

And making them relive the moments!

EXO‘s Chanyeol is the king of many things. He’s can make everyone melt with his smooth vocals, turn up the heat with his lightning-quick raps, make hearts skip a beat with his stunning visuals, and put a smile on everyone’s face with his sweet personality. Unfortunately for his members, there’s something else he’s really good at…making them relive their embarrassing moments.


EXO recently completed the Seoul leg of their EXO Planet #5: EXplOration tour and totally crushed it! And to make the moment even more memorable, Chanyeol had a special surprise for his members…pure embarrassment!


His first target? Chen! When EXO got on the topic of bodies, Chen talked about how he had never really shown off his before.

I don’t think I’ve really shown my body before… I haven’t worked out in a long time.

— Chen


While Kai and Baekhyun had nothing but compliments for Chen and revealed he had a great body…

You have a nice body! He really has abs. He doesn’t need to work out. He has it all!

— Kai and Baekhyun


When Baekhyun pointed out that his body actually had been exposed once before, Chanyeol stuck with it and made sure that Chen relived the paper ripping incident of 2015.

That’s right, you were exposed previously. When the paper ripped!

— Chanyeol


Even if he really didn’t want to!

Ah! I want to erase that!

— Chen


But Chen wasn’t the only one who got to experience Chanyeol’s unique talent. His next victim? EXO’s maknae! Thanks to EXO-Ls response to a pause during his ment, Sehun had to ask if it looked like he was going to cry before stating that he had never cried in the past.

Does it look like I’m going to cry? I’ve never cried before though!

— Sehun


His words, however, turned out to be a mistake because as soon as he said he had never cried, Chanyeol brought up the time Sehun shed some tears on Kiss The Radio even though it happened 7 years ago!

Chanyeol: Kiss The Radio!

Sehun: That was so long ago though! It was 7 years ago!


Seven years and still not letting his members live it down. But hey, what are friends for, right?