EXO’s Chanyeol Exposes What Suho Does To Look Sexy Before Hitting The Stage

Chanyeol had to bring the truth out.

During an interview with iHeartRadio, the interviewer asked EXO a question that fans had submitted: were there any special measures they took before going on stage?

When Suho gave an answer, Chanyeol instantly shut it down, revealing what their leader truly does before hitting the stage.

When it was Suho’s turn to share his habit, he stated that it was his habit of secretly peeking out on the audience from backstage. He enjoyed seeing fans holding up their lightsticks. As soon as the answer left his mouth, Chanyeol didn’t think that was the one he should’ve shared.

He completely shut down Suho’s response. While pointing at their leader, Chanyeol stated that it wasn’t true. There was something else he did before going up on stage. Realizing what he was going to reveal, Suho began to smile, starting to do a motion with his arm.

With a straight face, Chanyeol stated, “Before a show, Suho hyung does pushups.” It had Sehun, Suho, and Kai all in agreement, chuckling at the habit. Suho wants to make sure he looks his best on stage, keeping his muscles as defined as possible.

Suho takes it so seriously that Chanyeol noticed a routine forming, “There is not one time where I haven’t seen him do so during this concert tour.” His honestly had Suho cracking up for exposing him so thoroughly.

Everyone could agree that Suho put in a lot of effort to make his body as fit as it is. No one can blame him for wanting to show that off when going on stage. After all, fans are looking forward to seeing his sexy, muscular arms.

Watch Chanyeol crack Suho up by exposing his habit of exercising before going to tear down the stage.