EXO-Ls Are Praising EXO’s Chanyeol For Not Giving Up This One Dream

Chanyeol really is shooting for the stars!

While there have been many idols who have always had dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry, other idols originally thought their future lay elsewhere and that can be said for EXO‘s Chanyeol.


In one of the group’s very first photo card series, fans got a real kick out of Chanyeol’s future dream to conquer space!


Originally they thought it might have something to do with the fact that all the members of EXO came from their very own planet!


As it turned out though, conquering space really was one of his dreams! A few years after the photo cards were released, fans discovered that when he was younger he dreamed about becoming an astronaut.

“I took a photo of the stars with my phone camera. To be honest, until kindergarten, my dream was to be an astronaut. So tonight, I will dream of docking at a space station! Goodnight everybody!”

— Chanyeol


Although he said he gave that dream up in kindergarten, it looks like he might be ready to pick it back up again! Recently, Chanyeol uploaded one particular Instagram story that caught fans’ attention.


While it may have first appeared to be some light reading material, detective EXO-Ls quickly discovered the book was a beginner’s guide to observational astronomy.


Around the same time, another fan noticed that Chanyeol started following both NASA’s and the Hubble Space Telescope’s Instagram pages!


To top it off, Chanyeol also posted a series of photos of himself out in the field and looking up at the night stars to his own page!


Since fans discovered his renewed interest in all things space, they’ve been praising him for following his space-related dreams once more.


Whether Chanyeol is once more thinking of journeying out into space, conquering the great unknown, or simply has an interest in astronomy, fans couldn’t be happier to see Chanyeol pursuing something he’s interested in and loves!