Fans Are Getting A Good Wholesome Laugh Thanks To EXO Chanyeol’s Game Antics

He left fans in stitches!

EXO‘s Chanyeol is used to killing fans. After all his rap skills, vocals, dance moves, and visuals are enough to destroy anyone’s heart!


While his skills have certainly left fans feeling more than a little flustered, Chanyeol’s sweet and hilarious personality have always warmed fans’ hearts.


And his latest antics on I’ll Show You: EXO Arcade haven’t just warmed fans hearts, they’ve left fans in stitches! When Team B were this close to winning round three…


And rolled their way into victory…


Chanyeol, who was on Team A, lost out on his chance to eat one of his favorite snacks.


So what is a losing team to do but have some fun with the mini-cars!


But while the winning team was enjoying their snacks…


They got a surprise extra teammate!


And although they were a little surprised at first, they rolled with Chanyeol and let him enjoy the food too.


Fans have been loling over the sneaky Chanyeol and the winning team’s reactions to suddenly having him on their team.


But that’s Chanyeol for you!


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