Netizens Are Going Crazy Over EXO Chanyeol’s Heartwarming Action For A Fan

“Why am I crying? He’s so sweet!”

There’s no denying that all of the EXO members have major talent when it comes to singing and dancing and they’ve got jaw-dropping visuals too boot, but those things aren’t the only reason EXO-Ls love the members. They’ve fallen for them because of how caring they are.


Over the years the boys have showed just how much they care not only for each other…


But for EXO-Ls too!


And while they’ve already touched many hearts with their kindness and warmth, netizens can’t help but applaud Chanyeol for something he just did for a fan.


During the group’s latest fan meetings, one fan was the first to meet the boys and because of this and her nerves, she wasn’t able to say anything to Chanyeol.


Chanyeol noticed how hard it was for her and when the they got ready to do a group picture with EXO-L, he decided not to sit next to the rest of his members but next to her instead!


The two were caught posing together and even did a high-five!


The absolutely sweet interaction and Chanyeol’s heartwarming actions have captured the hearts of netizens.


They can’t get over just how caring Chanyeol and the rest of the EXO members are!


It truly is a heartwarming story!