Chanyeol’s Instagram Post Received Some Major Star-Studded Attention And EXO-Ls Couldn’t Be Happier

Fans are hoping a collaboration may be coming in the future.

Not only are EXO the kings of K-Pop but they’re the kings of Instagram too! When Kai returned to Instagram and Suho joined the platform, they both felt a huge amount of love from fans when they quickly surpassed 1 million followers. And then there’s Chanyeol, who just received a ton of attention on his latest post!


Chanyeol recently updated fans that he was having a bit of rest and relaxation time while snowboarding the slopes.


And while fans are super happy to see Chanyeol enjoying himself and can’t wait to see more of his posts, some EXO-Ls noticed Chanyeol’s post didn’t just attract the attention of fans. Actor Jung Kyung Ho left a comment under the post…


As did Tiger JK!


And while fans knew that Tinashe has commented on one of Chanyeol’s previous posts…


They were happy to see her making another comment under this one!


But the one that has really been blowing fans’ minds is the reply by the electronic music duo HONNE! Fans know that Chanyeol has been a big fan of the duo for a long time now so they were incredibly excited to see HONNE commenting on his post.


Not only that but EXO-Ls also noticed that HONNE started following Chanyeol shortly after making the comment.


And they couldn’t be happier for him!