EXO’s Chanyeol Started Following Jang Sung Kyu And The TV Personality Fanboyed Hard

Jang Sung Kyu has exposed his EXO-L side:

Jang Sung Kyu has exposed his EXO-L side and his fellow fans are living for it!


EXO-Ls have seen a few different interactions between EXO members and the television personality and top MC Jang Sung Kyu. Back in 2017, he worked with EXO when they were guests on Knowing Brothers and even more recently he spent some time with Chanyeol and Sehun on My Little Television.


While fans have already gotten to see their bond thanks to the programs, Chanyeol and Jang Sung Kyu’s latest interaction is the cutest yet and EXO-Ls everywhere are living for it!


On September 3rd, Jang Sung Kyu had something very special to share via his Instagram page — Chanyeol had started following him! Jang Sung Kyu was definitely excited about the news because he shared a screenshot of the moment and went full fanboy mode with his comment.

I am the guy that EXO chooses! Chanyeol, who has already conquered the universe reached out. It’s unbelievable. #StayCalmMyHeart. As I took a breath, I noticed it’s real. I did not follow him back straight away, however, as I do not want to be seen as easy. After the push and pull of tension, I reached out too. #AGoodExample #FollowToFollow #Good #EXO #Chanyeol


On top of that, Jang Sung Kyu continued to show just how excited he was by adding some cute words like “heart attack” and “cute” on the screenshot!


Making matters even cuter, Chanyeol saw Jang Sung Kyu’s post, responded with some sweet emojis, and had Jang Sung Kyu reacting with his full EXO-L heart once again!


Now fans everywhere are melting over the sweet and adorable exchange between the two and can’t wait to see more Instagram interactions soon!