EXO’s Chanyeol And Ji Chang Wook Engaged In A Compliment Battle And Fans Are The Real Winners

Yep, fans are definitely the winners here!

When actor Ji Chang Wook posted a clip from his upcoming drama he probably wasn’t expecting to start an all-out compliment battle with EXO‘s Chanyeol but that’s exactly what happened.


It all started when Ji Chang Wook posted this clip from his new drama, Melting Me Softly, taking fans into his first drama since completing his military service earlier this year.

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후… 마피디….? – #날녹여주오 #마피디

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While the clip definitely had fans pumped for the new drama and the opportunity to see even more of Ji Chang Wook’s handsome visuals, someone else was feeling the post too! After seeing it, Chanyeol simply couldn’t help paying his hyung a compliment!


But Ji Chang Wook wasn’t about to let Chanyeol drop a compliment all by himself. When he saw Chanyeol’s comment, he shot a compliment right back!


Chanyeol and Ji Chang Wook may have been the ones who received the sweet compliments but with the moment showing off their adorable friendship, fans feel like they’re the real winners!