EXO-Ls Can’t Get Enough Of Chanyeol And Jung Kyung Ho’s Bromance

Their latest interaction is making hearts melt:

Jung Kyung Ho‘s love for EXO‘s Chanyeol knows no bounds and their adorable bromance has recently popped back into the spotlight!


To the average person, Jung Kyung Ho is better known for his sweet relationship with his girlfriend, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, but to EXO-Ls he’s Chanyeol’s adoring older brother!


The two originally met when they starred together in the drama Missing Nine and ever since fans have seen how close the two truly are. Jung Kyung Ho has especially won over EXO-Ls’ hearts with his adorable nickname for Chanyeol, “Pretty.”


While fans have seen plenty of cute interactions between the two of them during press conferences and the like…


It’s their everyday type of interactions that have truly captured everyone’s heart. Jung Kyung Ho is known for leaving lots of comments under Chanyeol’s posts on social media…


And even tuning in to Chanyeol’s livestreams!


But it doesn’t matter what Chanyeol is doing or where he is in the world, his hyung is going to send him a lot of love much to the delight of fans! Fans have especially been loving their latest Valentine’s Day interaction. It started with a post from Chanyeol…


Which prompted Jung Kyung Ho to leave him a comment, only this time it was a bit different! The actor actually asked Chanyeol to delete the post just in case Santa tried to whisk him away to the north pole because Chanyeol used the reindeer filter!

I don’t think Santa should see this, Pretty. Let’s delete this…”

— Jung Kyung Ho


This latest post, along with all the others, have made fans truly fall in love with this bromance!