EXO’s Chanyeol Came To Kai’s Aid When He Needed Some Help With His Japanese Introduction

Chanyeol made sure Kai aced his introduction:

EXO‘s Chanyeol made sure that Kai completely aced his Japanese introduction during their latest concert and it’s making everyone soft.


Whenever they can, EXO love to greet fans in the language that EXO-Ls are most familiar with and with their most recent stop in Osaka for their EXplOration tour, Kai wanted to try his hand at doing his introduction completely in Japanese even if it wasn’t the easiest for him!


With Kai’s recent blue hair transformation, Kai had wanted to introduce himself as “blue Kai” but as he started off his introduction carefully saying his words, he forgot how to say it!


When Chanyeol noticed Kai having some problems remembering the words, he quickly stepped in and repeated the phrase to help him out!

Blue Kai! Blue Kai!

— Chanyeol


As Chanyeol guided him through it, Kai was a quickly able to get back on track and nail his introduction just the way he had wanted!

That’s right, blue Kai!

— Kai


The moment is not only melting hearts because of the extra effort and thought Kai put into doing his introduction in Japanese…


But also because of Chanyeol’s sweet gesture to make sure Kai aced it!